Deploy a Linux VM using Customization Wizard using Perl SDK


This post will show you how to deploy a VM fully operational in a few seconds in a vSphere environment. You must have a working template to use this script.

You will have to install VMware Tools on this template, or OVT (OpenVMwareTools). They are now fully supported by VMware. I would recommand to use them, just for an ease of use during your weekly vulnerability review ūüėČ Ideed during your OS upgrade, the OVT package will also be updated. More details¬†on VMware knowledge base. (

You need to install vSphere SDK for perl on your work station to be able to follow this post.


During the deployment you will not only clone the VM with all the template configuration, you will also configure IPs, gateway, hostname, DNS, Timezone and you will choose on which cluster, datastore and folder you will deploy your VM. We are going to use the VMware “Configuration Wizard” to deploy your VM.

You understood well, one of the biggest part of the job is not to write the script, you have to configure a working template. You need to have VMware Tools installed (OVT) or VMware Tools themselves. After the cloning operation, the VM will be powered on and the customization process will apply.

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