Import virtual machines to vSphere environment using Veeam


There is a lot of answers to “how to move virtual machines between vSphere infrastructures?”. Indeed, we can move vms files or use ovfTools, but there are some solutions that allow you to do it easily with less downtime. Here I will explain how to use Veeam Backup & Replication to do it.



I have two vSphere infrastructures and I want to migrate my virtual machines from the old to the new one. In my lab, I will work on two dedicatedCloud provided by OVH. My old infrastructure is located at Roubaix and I want to migrate all my virtual machines to Strasbourg. This solution also works if I want to migrate virtual machines from my own datacenter to any other vSphere infrastructure.

As I placed my two dedicatedCloud in the same vRack, I can use a private network to transfert my virtual machines between the two infrastructure. We can also do it through a public network. Continue reading “Import virtual machines to vSphere environment using Veeam”